Jobbster offers you a safe & reliable payment system.

Jobbster payment system is integrated with the order tracking system, ensuring the synchronization betweens user interactions and admin controls for any transactions.

This means you can control every transaction right on your website with a visualized interface. Besides, with an interactive dashboard, users can choose their preferred payment method, monitor their revenue or send a withdrawal request conveniently. Jobbster gives you the ability to ensure the safety of each transaction and the benefits of your users.

Let’s look at this example for better understanding the flow:

Buyer orders:

When the buyer successfully places an order, the money is sent through a payment gateway to the admin account. In time, the order status is changed from Pending to Active. The virtual money is updated to the Seller’s credit account, letting him know that he can start to work on that order. Each transaction will be logged in the system for admins to manage.

Seller withdraws:

When the Seller account reaches the pre-defined minimum payout, the Seller is able to send a withdrawal request to the Admin. The Admin reviews the request and decides to send the payment to that Seller manually right away or in a monthly routine. Notification will be shown on the Seller’s dashboard.


When the Seller doesn’t complete an order on time or deliver the work with bad quality, the Buyer can send a dispute request to Admin. In another hand, if the Seller believes he has done a good job but the Buyer doesn’t accept his work, the Seller can also send a dispute request to Admin.

Admin will be the one to decide the winner of each case and transfer the money to the winner’s credit account. Since the Seller can only withdraw money for the finished Jobs, you have complete control in any dispute cases.

Besides providing a payment system which helps all transactions work smoothly and safely, Jobbster also offers admins many monetizing methods:

  • By Commission: You can monetize by charging commission on each transaction made in your marketplace.
  • By Member Plans: You can build multiple package plans for your users.
  • By Featured Plans: You can charge your sellers for featuring their services.

Money Protection Guarantee

The key principle on Jobbster is that payment to the Freelancer is only made when the agreed scope of work has been delivered, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.    

  • Here is how it works in practice:

1. Funds are held in an Escrow account while work is in progress

When a Job is agreed (whether a Buyer has purchased an Hourlie or accepted a Freelancer’s custom Proposal) the Buyer pays a deposit of funds into an Escrow account. This gives the Freelancer assurance to start work and prevents the Buyer from paying any money to the Freelancer before the job has been completed.

Find out more about Escrow.

2. Payment only when Job Done

Once the Job has finished the Freelancer raises an invoice for payment. If the Buyer is happy the work has finished they complete payment of the invoice which includes confirming the release of the funds held in Escrow to the Freelancer. If the Buyer is not satisfied that the job has finished then they can reject the invoice and provide the Freelancer with feedback on what work remains outstanding.

Find out more about paying an invoice.

3. Refunds & cancellations

If the Freelancer does not complete the Job within the agreed timescales then the Buyer can request a refund of the money held in Escrow.   If for any other reason the Buyer cancels a Job that has been in progress then the Freelancer may be entitled to at least some payment for work completed.

Find out more about Cancellations & Refunds.

4. Dispute resolution

In the rare cases that the Buyer and Freelancer cannot agree over whether the Job is adequately finished and should be paid for or not then Jobbster Customer Support can provide assistance and if needed provide Dispute resolution to determine whether the funds in Escrow should be returned to the Buyer as a refund because the agreed job was not delivered; or whether the Freelancer is entitled to some or full payment for work delivered.

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