Find the Right Freelance Professionals for Your Task

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Jobbster is a freelance platform that connects you to qualified freelancers that can help you accomplish both professional and personal tasks. From complex tasks like creating a website to simple ones like getting a minimalistic logo designed, Jobbster provides you with the freelancers best suited for your request. Our freelancers have undergone rigorous compulsory tests and paid a contractor fee. So, you’re assured that you’re getting the perfect freelancer for your task.

With Jobbster, getting the best freelance professionals for your job happens at the click of a button – Find a Freelancer.

Set Your Price for Quality

Jobbster allows you to set your budget for the task you need completed. You can set a fair price by considering the task’s complexity, the amount of work to be done, the freelancer’s qualifications, and the time required to complete the job.

If you’re undecided about what price is fair for the freelance service, Jobbster assists by:

  • Suggesting Popular Price. When posting a task, you get a suggestion of popular price choices for similar projects.
  • Providing the Completed Task Feed. The Completed Task feed is located on the Insolvo homepage. It allows you to review the prices of similar jobs.
  • Providing the Option to Ask for a Quote. This option is available at the “price” section of Posting a Task.

Once the price is set and you upload your task, Insolvo goes ahead to find the most qualified freelance professionals within your budget to perform your job.

Enjoy a Freelance Service Marketplace that Truly Cares

Finding the right freelance professionals to complete your task, getting quality service for your money, and paying for freelance service without hassles are very important to Jobbster. And to ensure that you get the best experience as a buyer, Jobbster does not charge you any extra fee for posting a task. You only pay the agreed price for the freelancer to complete your job.

We provide excellent opportunities to earn for hundreds of people. And guess what? You are doing it with us!

Every time you post a task to get professional work done or solve your own personal problem at Jobbster, you also give someone a chance to get an extra income. Want to learn more about the people who work on our platform? Here are several profiles of our typical freelancers:

The most general profile, which is a common representation of about 80% of all freelancers registered on the service, describes a specialist from a small town. Most of our freelancers are well-educated individuals who can’t find the right jobs for their skills and can’t realize their full potential in their home towns. But thanks to remote work, they are able to earn substantial money without leaving the comfort of their homes as well as engage in large-scale and engaging projects that meet their skill sets and interests. Regional residents execute about 4 out of every 5 tasks available on our platform.

Also, Jobbster has a fair and responsive Dispute Department that ensures that you get nothing less than the quality of work you paid for. When it is clear that you can’t get your money’s worth, Jobbster refunds any payment you’ve made on that job.

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